Welcome fellow traveller!

Hi, I’m Eleanna, the owner of this blog and I’m very happy to meet you!

Are you curious about other places, peoples and cultures? Do you enjoy trying new ethnic dishes, even when you can’t travel? Do you seek new experiences, new places and meeting new people? Then you’re at the right place!

My multicultural background

At the age of 4, I went on my first plane trip ever (accompanied by a parent, of course!) and it was love at first flight. Later, at 18, I went on my first solo trip abroad. Mind you, that was at a time without social media, Google Maps or mobile phones (*feeling like a veteran).

In addition, practically every member of my family, my parents and grandparents, were born and raised in different countries. I have heritage from Greece, Russia, Romania, and even Istanbul, Turkey. As a child, it was perfectly normal for me to speak different languages at home, follow different traditions and eat a variety of ethnic cuisines. Multiculturalism and travelling are literally in my DNA.

Following my studies in Greece and the UK, I tried to work in a “regular” desk job for a while, but, needless to say, this lifestyle wasn’t my cup of tea. Fortunately, blogging came to the rescue in 2013. What started as a hobby at first, soon evolved into a full-time career (although I should mention here that blogging is not my only source of income; you don’t have to give up your work and your life to travel!)

The blog’s mission

Flying Fork Tales is my newest brain-child, born in a time of pandemic but full of hope, optimism and aspiration. We travel carefully and safely, but we travel nonetheless.

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