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Hi, I’m Eleanna, the owner of this blog and I’m very happy to meet you!

Are you curious about new places, peoples and cultures? Do you enjoy trying new ethnic dishes and cuisines? And finally, do you prefer to travel in a sustainable and ethical way but with a touch of luxury and comfort? Then you’re at the right place!

About me

A multicultural background

Athens, Crete, Istanbul, Odessa, Moscow, Varna, Bucharest, Wellington, Paris: some of the places my family has called home for generations. Consequently, even though I was born and raised in Athens, Greece, I grew up in a very multicultural and multilingual home (I speak six languages)

A multiethnic home cuisine

Home cooking when I was a child was just as multiethnic as my family’s origins: from my maternal great-grandma’s Cretan cheese and honey pies to my paternal grandma’s Salată de boeuf (the Romanian version of the “Russian Salad”), and from my maternal grandma’s Russian Easter brioche (Kulich) to my maternal grandfather’s favourite snack, French “pain au chocolat” (he was from Istanbul, but grew up in France and spoke fluent French), the cuisine I grew up with was definitely multicultural.

A love for travel

My first travel experience was at the age of 4, when I went on my first airplane trip with my mother, from Athens to Crete. Needless to say, it was love at first flight! While at school, my dream jobs included explorer, diplomat, foreign correspondent and even missionary. Essentially anything that would allow me to travel often. As soon as I finished school, hardly 18, I went on my first solo trip abroad and to this day, it is my favourite way to travel. Exploring a new city on foot, on my own and with camera in hand, is truly when I’m at my happiest!

At Istanbul, my maternal grandfather’s hometown, in front of the famous Blue Mosque

What this blog is about

A bit of background info

Following my studies in Greece and the UK, I tried a “regular” desk job for a while, but, needless to say, it didn’t make me happy. After several experiments in freelancing (e.g. computer support, English as a foreign language tutor, etc), I started blogging in 2012 and created a highly successful food blog. However, that blog didn’t allow me to write about travel as much as I would like. Consequently, after a couple more blogging experiments, I created Flying Fork Tales. In this blog I combine my love for travel as well as my interest in local cuisines as an expression of local culture and way of life.

The blog’s concept

The blog is about my travels, mostly in Europe, with an emphasis on local cuisines, multiculturalism and sustainability.

For me, travel isn’t just about “finding yourself“, as the famous saying goes, but also about getting to better know our global neighbours. Because, once we get to really meet them, we can see that we are all much more alike than we are different.

What you’ll find here

So, in this blog you’ll find travel guides to inspire your next city break in Europe and beyond, but also which foods to try at each destination and even traditional ethnic recipes to satisfy your wanderlust while at home.

In addition, you’ll find articles that aim to help you plan your travels as independent travellers, be it boutique hotel reviews, airline reviews, solo travel tips and how to travel more ethically and sustainably.

Finally, given that I like a bit of comfort when I travel (hey, we are not getting any younger!), I prefer to stay in upscale, boutique hotels, which nevertheless also have eco-friendly policies and support the local communities.

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