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How to see Austria without leaving your home

Hermagor Bodenalm – Copyright: Österreich Werbung

Austria was my first road trip abroad ever. I was about 13-14 years old and we went on a month-long trip with my parents, driving all the way from Athens, Greece to Austria. We literally explored the whole country, from Vienna in the east to Feldkirch in the west, near the borders with Switzerland and Lichtenstein. It was an amazing summer for a teenager indeed!

Villach, Austria
The town of Villach – Copyright: Region Villach Tourismus GmbH

Unfortunately, these days in Austria as in most of the world, tourism has been put on hiatus in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. People have been asked to stay safe at home and travel plans have been put on hold.

But there are some good news for travel lovers! As a result of the current global travel limitations, the Austrian National Tourist Office has put online a collection of virtual journeys to help bring a piece of Austria to your home. This way, you can experience this adorable green country at the comfort, and most importantly the safety, of your home!

St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
View of St. Stephen’s Cathedral (aerial view) – Copyright: Österreich Werbung

The Austrian National Tourist Office has transformed its customer facing website,, into a portal for exciting online experiences.

You can see a State Opera performance, streaming online (free registration required). Or, you could dip your toes into Lake Wörthersee with an interactive panorama. For art lovers, you can now browse the Albertina and Belvedere galleries from the comfort of your living room.

You can even virtually “walk” in the majestic Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Hapsburg imperial dynasty in Vienna. The fans of Mozart can “walk” around in the famous composer’s house in Salzburg.

If instead you love nature and the great outdoors, you won’t be disappointed! You can take a virtual tour of the world’s largest ice cave with a 360 degrees video, paraglide over Austria’s Lake Region from the top of Schafberg mountain, hike waterfalls and much more.

Restaurant IceQ Sölden, Austria
Restaurant IceQ Sölden – Copyright: Ötztal Tourismus

The content is available in both English and German, and more is being added to on an ongoing basis.

 “With this virtual portal, we hope to bring some entertainment and light relief to those in isolation. Most importantly, we want to remind travellers that the Austrian National Tourist Office is still here for them, and that we look forward to welcoming visitors when circumstances once again allow. 

Martina Jaming, UK Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office
The Romantic Hotel ” Die Krone von Lech” in Voralberg. First mentioned in a document of 1741, this traditional house is now managed by the fifth generation of the original owners – Photographer: Georg Schnell

Personally speaking, I already checked out the virtual tour of Schönbrunn Palace. It brought back to me many happy memories. Oh, by the way, when “visiting” Schönbrunn Palace, make sure to check out Empress Sissy’s bedroom, it’s so pretty and girly!

So, which place in Austria will you “visit” first?

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