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Hello! I’m Eleanna.

Welcome to Flying Fork Tales, a travel and lifestyle blog for those who dream of discovering new places and tasting new flavours, who seek authentic experiences but want to travel in comfort and style.

What will you find in this blog?

At Flying Fork Tales you’ll find inspiration for your next destination, travel guides and tips, the best local foods to try and the most beautiful hotels to stay in.

Status: freezing in location Copenhagen!

My love for travelling

From a young age I grew up with stories about distant lands, the places of origin of my family. Although I was born and live in Athens, my family has multinational roots, from Istanbul and Russia to Paris, Romania and New Zealand. It probably won’t surprise you if I tell you that I speak six languages!

Perhaps the most defining travel experience was my first plane trip with my parents from Athens to Crete, just before I was five. I was so excited to see the world from above that I remember it to this day.

In Istanbul, my grandfather’s birthplace, in front of Hagia Sophia

Growing up, I was lucky enough to do a lot of travelling with my parents, in Greece and abroad. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to travel on my own, so I went on my first solo trip abroad as soon as I turned 18 (and became legally an adult).

Later, as a university student, I went on more solo trips, from Paris to Canada, and I chose to do postgraduate studies abroad to have the opportunity to live in a foreign country.

Enjoying the local wine in Italy

About the blog

I started blogging in 2012, first in food and later in lifestyle. Flying Fork Tales is my most recent creation, “born” in the lockdown of 2020 – ever the optimist!

I like to get to know new places and try local cuisines (sometimes I even cook), and I won’t say no to a spa with a view of the Alps or a luxury brunch in Athens.

I am particularly fond of the Christmas markets in Europe and my goal is to see as many as I can. My priority when travelling is to combine comfort with authentic experiences, sustainability and support to local communities.

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  • Maroun
    October 8, 2022 at 10:53

    Hi. My name Maroun Hanna from Lebanon. I saw what you have writen about Alsace in strasbourg. Realy it nice . good luck

    • Eleanna
      October 14, 2022 at 21:46

      Thank you Maroun, I’m glad you liked the article. Have a nice day!


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