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An Art & Luxury Stay: Review of Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hyatt hotel

Updated January 13, 2023

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The impressive 5-star Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is a new arrival of the luxury lifestyle chain Andaz by Hyatt in Vienna. Its modern aesthetic and artistic vibes are inspired by Prince Eugene of Savoy, who in the 18th century built the Belvedere Palace nearby. I had the opportunity to stay there on my recent trip to Vienna and this is my experience.

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hyatt
View of the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt hotel complex in Vienna

The Welcome

We arrived in Vienna and at the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt hotel late on a cold afternoon in late November. We stepped out of our Uber ride to find two breathtaking, modern skyscrapers, opposite the Belvedere 21 modern art museum.

We entered a bright and beautifully decorated lobby, which looked more like an elegant living room, with bookcases, paintings, stylish sofas and armchairs. There was even a tea and coffee-making area, as well as a mini-bar with bottled water (plain and sparkling).

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hyatt
View of the lobby, as seen from the inside looking towards the entrance/exit.

The reception was well-staffed and there was minimal waiting time. The two ladies who greeted us were polite and friendly, especially the younger one who was particularly enthusiastic. Soon we were caught up in a great conversation about the best sights and places to eat in Vienna! Her cheerfulness was definitely infectious and made us forget the hassle of the trip.

Note: the hotel staff was generally one of the highlights of our stay. They were all courteous and the service was excellent. Especially the reception staff, in particular Kay, who booked us a table at the (impossible to get one) Café Central and of course Marilena (if I remember her name correctly), who was also Greek! In fact, Marilena, her colleague and I, had a long and fun discussion about Viennese vs classic schnitzel 😄

The interiors

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere Hyatt
A part of the hotel lobby, near the entrance, with the Christmas tree

The interior of the Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is impressive without ever becoming impersonal or cold. The lobby area is warm and friendly, like a friend’s house living room. But a friend who loves art, reading and travel.

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
View of the lobby near the bar

This love of art is, I would say, the hallmark of Andaz Vienna am Belvedere. Art is everywhere, from the modern paintings on the walls to the vases and decorative touches. And there’s a good reason for that.

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
The hotel lobby is reminiscent of a living room where the owners love art, travel and books

In addition to aesthetic reasons, this is the hotel’s way to pay tribute to Prince Eugene of Savoy, who in the 18th century built the Belvedere Palace near the hotel. He was a renowned patron of the arts and travelled a lot in his life.

But don’t think the hotel looks like a museum! On the contrary, the imaginative creativity of the decor makes the space more relaxed, warm and welcoming.

The room

Our room, with two twin beds, The hotel has 303 rooms, including 44 suites, as well as interconnecting rooms suitable for families.

We stayed in one of the rooms on the upper floors, with a wonderful view of Belvedere Palace. The hotel has a total of 303 rooms, suites as well as interconnecting rooms, suitable for families.

This room I dare say was one of the most comfortable I’ve stayed in so far (and I’ve stayed in several 5-star rooms to compare). Could it be the fluffy duvets, the parquet floor, the tasteful decor, the huge TV, or the excellent lighting? Maybe it was all of these. One thing is for sure, we felt so comfortable and the place was so cosy, we were tempted to spend the entire trip at the hotel.

The view from our room windows. In the background, you can see the Belvedere Palace and its gardens with the artificial lake

The hotel has several types of rooms, with a view either of the local neighbourhood at the back of the hotel, or the Belvedere Palace at the front. All bright and spacious, ranging in size from 30 sq.m. to 194 sq.m. (for the penthouse suite).

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We had chosen a room with two twin beds, which were actually quite wide, bigger than a standard single bed. The mattress was a bit harder than I’m used to, but we slept very comfortably. Not to mention, it’s the most suitable kind of mattress if you have back problems.

Room facilities

As expected from a hotel of his class, the room had everything a traveller might need for a comfortable stay. Such as, for example:

  • 55-inch flat-screen TV (with decorative wooden frame)
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with blackout curtains (to sleep until noon)
  • Individually adjustable heating and cooling (perfect if you come from a warmer country like Greece to Vienna in winter and nothing seems to warm you up enough)
  • Wardrobe for clothes with hangers and shoe rack
  • Umbrella
  • Laptop-sized safe
  • Mini-bar with free soft drinks and snacks
  • Two bottles of bottled water (plain and sparkling), replenished daily
  • Espresso machine with Illy coffee capsules, as well as a tea kettle with tea bags in various flavours, milk and sugar (all replenished daily)

Worth mentioning here is the ample lighting of the room. There were lights for reading in bed, reading in the armchair, overhead bed lights, low lighting for watching TV in comfort and more. Even automatic sensor-based lighting in case you need to get up at night and can’t find your way in the dark but don’t want to wake your partner. All in all, the well-thought room lights increased, even more, the comfort of the room.


Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
View of the bathroom with the washbasin, everything well-lit and with plenty of space // Photo: Andaz Vienna am Belvedere
The sliding bathroom/toilet door featured art by contemporary artist donhofer // Photo: Andaz Vienna am Belvedere
The large bathroom in our room had a shower with both “rain” and regular options. Higher rate rooms of the hotel also have bathtubs.

The bathroom was large, spacious and bright, with a separate toilet. The sliding door, however, had a peculiarity: you could close either the toilet or the bathroom area. Not both at the same time. But we didn’t have a problem with that, since if someone is in the toilet they can’t see the one in the bathroom anyway and vice versa. Meanwhile, the shower cabin closes completely with a glass door, so you don’t feel cold in case the bathroom door is open.

The bathroom, as you would expect from a 5-star hotel, had every expected amenity:

  • Bathrobes and flip-flop style slippers
  • Plenty of towels in various sizes
  • Very good hair dryer – even had an ionizer to minimise frizzing
  • Branded bathroom cosmetics: shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, etc.
  • Rain shower
  • Ample counter space for ALL your cosmetics.
  • Large mirrors (including a full-body one)
  • A good magnifying mirror to put on make-up
  • A shower cap (although surprisingly, only one)

Other nice touches

A personal welcome from the hotel manager, along with a “painter’s palette” of colourful (and delicious) pralines in various flavours

When we entered our room, we found a lovely “painter’s palette” with complimentary chocolate pralines in various colours and flavours on the table. Along with a personal welcome from the general manager of the hotel, Mr Michel Wittwer.

If you plan on staying at any Hyatt property, it’s worth becoming a World of Hyatt member, as I did. Joining is free and you get instant access to discounts and member rates.

The food at Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt


As you would expect from a hotel of this category, breakfast was plentiful and had much variety. From different kinds of cheese and cold cuts to cooked dishes, eggs in different styles and more. Surprisingly, as regards fresh juice, there was only orange available, whereas other such hotels I’ve been to usually have at least two different kinds.

Πρωινό στο Andaz Vienna am Belvedere στη Βιέννη
Part of the breakfast buffet (there’s more!)
The other side of the breakfast buffet
The breakfast buffet offers a selection of different kinds of bread, croissants, cakes etc, as well as vegan options.
Butter, margarine (the lowering cholesterol kind), a variety of jams and honey, even a big piece of honeycomb, so you can take as much as you want

There was also a wide variety of baked goods, different kinds of bread, croissants, cakes etc., homemade jams, and even fresh honeycomb full of honey.

For vegetarians, there was also a vegan corner with several options available.

This amazing thing is apple pie with meringue and vanilla sauce. One of the highlights of the hotel’s breakfast. You can have as much as you want. But better be quick, it disappears quickly. Fortunately, they usually make more ☺️

The service during breakfast was polite, if a little disjointed, especially during rush hour. In addition, the coffee is served at your table, made to order, which is great but you only get one cup of coffee. I suppose you can ask for more but the place was quite busy so I didn’t attempt it.

Dining at Eugen21 restaurant

In addition to breakfast, the hotel’s restaurant, Eugen21 (named after said Prince of Savoy who built Belvedere Palace), is also open for lunch and dinner.

The menu is a mix of modern Austrian cuisine and favourite classics. It also changes seasonally.

For starters, we had a delicious (and complimentary) consommé, with freshly baked, still warm, sourdough bread and two different spreads
The famous Viennese schnitzel. Or rather half of it, because we asked to share a portion, as we were tired from sightseeing and wanted a light dinner. It’s actually double what you see!

As we were told at the reception that they served authentic Viennese schnitzel at the restaurant, we chose to try it there. We were not disappointed!

First of all, the service this time was excellent. The staff was polite and helpful. Our meal started with a complimentary soup and warm, freshly baked bread with two kinds of spreads. Everything was delicious! Especially the soup was just what we needed after a day sightseeing in the cold Vienna winter.

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As regards the schnitzel, it was absolutely fantastic. The meat was so tender that it hardly needed any chewing. No way you would have guessed it’s veal and not pork. Also, the potato salad and lemon sauce were the perfect accompaniments to the schnitzel. Delicious!

We didn’t have dessert because we had already had enough cakes in the famous cafés of Vienna. All in all, however, dinner at Eugen21 was a very pleasant (and filling) experience. Highly recommended.

The Rooftop Bar “Aurora”

The interior of the rooftop bar Aurora, decorated for Christmas

The Andaz Vienna am Belvedere has a lovely rooftop bar, the Aurora, on the 16th floor. In addition to unobstructed views of Vienna at night, it has warm, Scandinavian-style decor inside. There’s even an open fire pit! So cosy! Along the same lines, the cocktails on offer are also Nordic-inspired.

A funny story now. When we went to have a drink there, we couldn’t go out on the roof because a CNN International crew was there to film. In particular, the well-known TV presenter Richard Quest was interviewing the Austrian Finance Minister. So we had a free show!

As a result, we sat inside but next to the Christmas tree and in a perfect spot with a full view of the happenings outside. We even got to see the Austrian Finance Minister!

We ordered two hot chocolates, which were served in a spectacular way. Instead of getting a ready-made drink, they bring you the hot milk and chocolate separately, the latter as a bar on a stick. You put the chocolate bar in the hot milk and it melts slowly and deliciously. A perfect ending to an amazing dinner.


The bar in the lobby of the hotel

The hotel provides free internet to guests with good speed. For example, we could comfortably watch our favourite Greek programs on the TV using Chromecast on my mobile phone.

It also features a 24-hour fitness centre, a sauna and a wellness centre, as well as meeting and event rooms. The hotel also has special amenities for infants and pets, and all areas are wheelchair accessible.

The location

In my opinion, there are two types of travellers: those who want to stay in the most touristy part of a destination (and will pay extra for it) in order to walk to most sights and those who, like me, will accept staying at a small distance in order to have a more value-for-money experience.

A miniature of the Belvedere Castle made of gingerbread for the holidays in the hotel lobby

So you’ve might have guessed by now that the location isn’t one of the hotel’s strong points. Andaz Vienna is not in the historic centre of the city. It is, however, very close to the Belvedere Palace (and its Christmas market). It’s also right across the street from the new Belvedere 21 modern art museum.

In addition, the hotel is only a few minutes walk from the train station, and the closest tram stop is also a short walk away. Luckily, the particular tram line takes you to almost all the attractions in the city centre. The ticket costs about 4€ for a round trip, regardless of destination. For sure, it’s less than what you’d pay extra to stay in a hotel of the same class downtown.

In the surrounding area, there is also a fairly large supermarket, a shopping centre with cafes and restaurants (I can highly recommend the Italian Al Banco), a pharmacy and other stores. It is a quiet residential area, but that gives you a taste of real life in Vienna.


The Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Vienna. It has installed a variety of energy-saving measures, such as automatic window shading in the rooms, air recycling systems, refuelling systems for electric cars in the underground car park, etc.

Moreover, the hotel collaborates with local food producers, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable produce. They also follow the “farm-to-table” principle at their restaurant and have MSC and ASC certifications for the fish they use.

The Verdict

Andaz Vienna am Belvedere by Hyatt is a modern, art-centric, luxury lifestyle hotel, offering a comfortable and very pleasant stay in Vienna. It’s a bit off the centre of the city but it has easy access to public transport and better prices than similar hotels downtown.

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Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere
Arsenalstrasse 10, Vienna, Austria, 1100
+43 1 205 7744 1234

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary room upgrade but this is my true experience.

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