From the Swahili word for “journey,safaris are most often associated with the Serengeti’s world-renowned wildlife experiences. This season, the nature-ensconced Kani Spa at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti invites guests to take a different kind of safari.

In other words, you are invited to embark on a journey into wellness that helps refocus on the integral importance of personal and community health.

Lodge guests can join the Serengeti sun as it awakens the savannah.

Koni Spa Serengeti: wellness as a journey

From energising sunrise mindful meditation sessions to a deeply nourishing Ubuntu Ritual, Kani Spa takes a deep dive into nature reconnection in one of the world’s most celebrated wildlife parks.

“Exploring wellness as a journey offers a chance for both guests and therapists to come back to basics, revisiting and refining all those practices that make us whole,” says Islam Mahmoud, the new manager of the Kani Spa Serengeti. Islam brings more than two decades of international industry experience.

Islam Mahmoud, Kani Spa Serengeti manager
Islam Mahmoud, Kani Spa Serengeti manager

“From nourishing the self to improving our community ties, we’re all learning together how wellness can ripple out to impact the health of entire societies.”

Islam Mahmoud, Kani Spa Serengeti manager

As a qualified holistic therapist, Islam draws on his instinctive understanding of true wellness as well as his skills as a leader.

Furthermore, he was at the helm when the spa at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano. That spa won the “Best Spa in Egypt” award at the International Spa Awards in 2018 and 2019.

He aims to ensure that every spa immersion focuses on restoration and invigoration.

“By using powerful botanicals sourced in harmony with nature, indigenous knowledge and traditional techniques, guests are taken on a journey into wellness, unlike anything they might experience elsewhere in the world.”

Islam Mahmoud, Kani Spa Serengeti manager

For the month of July 2023, Kani Spa Serengeti also welcomes back visiting practitioner Joao Santos. Joao is a dry massage therapist who has created his own technique. It is the result of a long career combining several schools of bodywork.

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Using intuition as well as deep anatomy and physiology knowledge, Joao seeks to improve guests’ spiritual and physical well-being. He is also available for appointments upon request.

Kani Spa Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Tanzania

Meditation and mindfulness at Kani Spa

Beginning a journey of wellness that has benefits for a lifetime, Kani Spa also offers heart-centred mindfulness and meditation practices.

Not only do these boost personal happiness and well-being, but they also offer wider benefits to society. Notably, practitioners take positive action “off the mat” and into the community.

Following nature’s rhythms, Lodge guests can join the Serengeti sun as it awakens the savannah. The day starts with an energising sunrise mindfulness breathing session. Alternatively, guests can wind down as the sun melts over the horizon with a sunset meditation session.

Little beats the humbling reconnection to nature of Kani Spa’s sunset 75-minute Sunset Kopje Meditation. Specifically, the Lodge’s signature wellness experience sees guests follow the Maasai trail to a sunset kopje (hilltop) for a guided meditation with soaring panoramic views over the plains.

Kani Spa Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Tanzania
Local wisdom and ancient traditions inspire Kani Spa’s signature treatments.

The signature treatments of Kani Spa

Local wisdom and ancient traditions inspire Kani Spa’s signature treatments. Moreover, they underpin every journey into wellness within its serene, green surroundings.

Among the most popular treatments is the Tree of Life Journey. This particular treatment is inspired by Africa’s famous baobab tree. This tree can live more than a thousand years.

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The 120-minute session begins with rooibos, kigelia, and baobab oil body exfoliation. Afterward, it is followed by an uplifting massage. The latter features the reviving aromatic power of citrus essential oils in luxurious shea butter and baobab nuggets.

Similarly in demand is the heavenly Ubuntu (“I am because you are”) Ritual: a 90-minute four-handed massage using neroli, baobab and wheatgerm oils that celebrates cooperation and oneness.

Kani Spa Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Tanzania
At Four Seasons Safari Lodge each and every wellness journey extends well beyond Kani Spa.

A focus on sustainability and social responsibility

Kani Spa draws on a philosophy that considers the community just as important as the individual self. Specifically, it works with TheraNaka to bring guests the “beauty of Africa”.

Furthermore, small suppliers who support organic certification and sustainability provide raw ingredients. Not to mention, all are Fairtrade and Ubuntu Natural approved. Thus guaranteeing fair supply chains, a commitment to biodiversity conservation, social and regulatory equity, and green technology.

At Four Seasons Safari Lodge, and in the heart of one of the planet’s most precious and precarious habitats, each and every wellness journey extends well beyond Kani Spa.

Specifically, the management recognises that the health of individuals is dependent on the well-being of the surrounding nature. As a result, the Lodge works hard to extend support to the magnificent animals that frequent its surroundings.

Recognised as an award-winning responsible tourism operator, it supports community and wildlife conservation projects. Such as the Rhino Conservation Project and Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Serengeti De-Snaring Project. Guests are encouraged to get involved with the team at the onsite Discovery Centre during their stay.

The lodge is also committed to being a responsible community member. For instance, it provides support and assistance to a Safe House in Mugumu. It offers shelter to girls at risk of female genital mutilation.

In addition, nearly 75 percent of suppliers to the Lodge are from Tanzania. A further 90 percent of the Lodge’s Boutique items are from Eastern and Southern Africa. As ever, with a focus on products from social enterprises. To support the development of local talent, the Lodge also offers internships and visits to students from local colleges.

To summarize

The Kani Spa at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti offers a unique wellness experience, focusing on nature reconnection and personal health. Spa manager Islam Mahmoud brings years of experience and aims to provide restoration and invigoration through traditional techniques.

In addition, the lodge itself is committed to supporting wildlife conservation projects and being a responsible community member. Take the opportunity to embark on a wellness journey at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti’s Kani Spa and let your worries melt away.

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