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These days Athens and especially the historic hotel “Grande Bretagne”, has become the focus of attention for those dealing with the royal families of Europe. But what does the royal suite of the Grande Bretagne look like from the inside? Check out the photos below from when my last visit inside the suite.

So here I am, in the role of a paparazzo, to reveal to you the splendid royal suite of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens: a story as dramatic as a novel

The Grande Bretagne Hotel has been the pride of the city since the 19th century. The building that now houses the hotel, in a slightly different form, was originally built as a private residence. It was the “Megaron Demetriou”, built in 1843 by the expatriate merchant Anthony Demetriou from Trieste.

Shortly afterwards, in 1873, the businessman Savvas Kendrou moved his hotel there. Although it already bore the name “Great Britain”, it was still much smaller in size.

The Grande Bretagne hotel building as it is today

A new owner with French training

Meanwhile, in Paris, Eustathios Lampsas has gone to learn French gastronomy and pastry. Very soon he impresses with his culinary skills of the great businessmen of the time. He even goes so far as to work as head chef to the great banker Armand Oppenheim, who left him 20,000 French francs in his will.

Like this, we arrive in 1878. Then Lampsas, together with his French wife, the niece of a great hotelier in Paris, returns to Athens. He meets Center, owner of the then “Great Britain” and they decide whether to go into partnership.

In 1885, they decided to buy together the building that housed the hotel, which they had been renting until then. The premises are completely renovated and the name of the hotel, in honour of Lambsa’s French wife, takes on a French form: from “Great Britain” it becomes “Grande Bretagne”.

In 1888, when Kendrou passed away, Lampsas bought his share from his widow and thus became the sole owner.

The Royal Suite is essentially a huge apartment, with bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and even a wine cellar!

After experiencing many adventures, including the Asia Minor catastrophe, wars, and the German occupation, we arrived in 1957. It was then that the original building was torn down and replaced with the magnificent neoclassical structure we see today.

The Grande Bretagne Hotel today

βασιλική σουίτα Grande Bretagne Μεγάλη Βρετανια

The modern hotel offers 5-star hospitality in 446 rooms and suites. It also has restaurants, cafés, bars and banqueting facilities. The GB Spa is considered one of the top spas in Athens.

In addition, the hotel is famous for its English-style afternoon tea served in the Winter Garden City Lounge. In the same area, in winter, the very special Grande Bretagne brunch is served every weekend.

The Royal Suite of Hotel Grande Bretagne

Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Royal Suite
The large bed in the master bedroom of the Royal Suite of Grande Bretagne Hotel

The so-called “Royal Suite” is the largest of the hotel. There is even a “presidential suite”, as well as many smaller ones.

It is located on the fifth floor of the hotel and occupies 400 square meters. In comparison, the next closest “presidential suite” is half that, i.e. 200 square meters.

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The rooms

The Royal Suite has two bedrooms with king-size beds, two bathrooms, a living room, a sitting room and a dining room. Especially the dining room can comfortably accommodate 16 guests!

The main bathroom is marble, with a large bathtub and a jacuzzi in the centre. Also, the master bathroom has a flat-screen plasma TV and a steam shower.

As for the master bedroom, this is a small apartment in itself. It has a dressing room, a separate wardrobe and a private sitting area.

Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Royal Suite
Detail of the marble master bathroom of the suite
Close-up of the chair in the main bathroom

What other features are in the Royal Suite of Hotel Grande Bretagne?

In addition, the Royal Suite features a classic piano and a fireplace. It also has its own fitness area and sauna.

But if all this is not enough, in the Royal Suite you will also find a wine cellar with 300 labels, a collection of fine cigars and even a traditional cigar humidor.

βασιλική σουίτα Grande Bretagne Μεγάλη Βρετανια
One of the luxurious decorations in the royal suite
Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens Royal Suite
The living room

From the windows, you have an unobstructed view of the Parliament, Syntagma Square, the Acropolis and Lycabettus.

All rooms are decorated in warm beige tones, while gold (of course) dominates. Works of art, from paintings to statuettes, decorate the luxurious suite.

A free 24-hour butler service (not just room service) is available with the suite and the bathroom amenities are Acqua di Parma.


The famous Grande Bretagne Hotel, or as we call it, “Grande Bretagne”, is the most luxurious hotel in Athens and one of the world’s top hotels. Its fictional history is interwoven with the history of modern Athens, from the 19th century to the present day. In particular, its “Royal Suite” is truly for kings, offering 400 square metres of ultra-luxurious accommodation for even the most difficult guests.

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