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A guide to the best shopping spots in Stockholm

When we think of Stockholm, most of us think of Scandinavian style. And indeed, this city is a shopper’s paradise. From big brands like H&M to independent boutiques, there is something here for everyone. So, here are 10 of the best shopping spots in Stockholm (map at the end).

For many travelers, shopping is a big part of their trip. But even if you, like me, usually find shopping a bit boring, in Stockholm it is different. After all, Sweden has given us IKEA, H&M, Acne Studios, Filippa K and more.

NK Stores (Nordiska Kompaniet)

This is Sweden’s oldest department store. Similarly to Harrods in London, NK Stores is a landmark of Stockholm. First opened in 1915, it hosts famous, high-end international brands in its 6 floors.

The building itself is so beautiful, that it is worth a visit anyway. In fact, inside, it will remind you of the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Needless to say, it is also a popular shopping spot for the Swedish Royal Family.

Address Hamngatan 18-20 – Web:

Mood Stockholm

In contrast to NK Stores, this is recent arrival to the shopping scene of Stockholm. First opened in 2012, this upscale shopping centre is very close to the luxury shopping street, Biblioteksgatan.

Here you’ll find niche brands like Rodebjer and Posh Living, as well as more mainstream ones. For example, Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco and Hobbs.

Address: Regeringsgatan 48 – Web:


Grandpa is one of the most trendy shops in the most trendy area of Stockholm. In other words, it’s in hipster SoFo in Södermalm.

With its big variety of quirky items on offer, this shop is the ultimate of cool. In addition to well-made clothing, Grandpa also offers wooden toothbrushes, vintage decor items, notebooks and more.

Address: Södermannagatan 21, Södermalm – Web:

Swedish Hasbeens

This is one of the most characteristic Swedish brands! We’re talking about the iconic retro wooden clogs of Sweden.

Moreover, the brand’s motto, “Better Shoes, Better World”, reflects the optimistic attitude of its founders.

The story goes that the brand’s founders, discovered about 300 of their mother’s favourite style of shoes in a forgotten basement. As a result, the got inspired to recreate this iconic shoe. The clog was a style popular in the 1970s, and today they still make them in the same design.

Address: Nytorgsgatan 36A, SoFo – Web:

Acne Studios

Back in the 1990s, Acne Studios were best known for one-of-a-kind jeans. Nowadays, the brand has evolved and has fashion-forward clothes for both men and women.

Even though they have many stores around the world (eight in Stockholm alone), their flagship is still in the central area of Norrmalm.

Address: Norrmalmstorg 2, Norrmalm – Web:

Nudie Jeans

Another well-known jeans brand and success story. Their specialty is jeans made of 100% organic cotton. In addition, every piece of clothing is made of sustainable materials.

The jeans are easy to recognise thanks to their unique back pocket design. Also, the brand has specialised shops where you can repair your old jeans.

Address: Skånegatan 75 – Web:


This is a unique brand of handmade raincoats. It is brainchild of Alexander Stutterheim. He was inspired by the ones his grandfather used to wear. Worth mentioning that he sold his first 200 items from his home, in the small island of Arholma.

The idea of the brand is to celebrate the melancholy of Swedish weather and turn this simple, practical piece of clothing into a stylish, fashion item.

Address: Åsögatan 136 – Web:

Åhléns City

This is Sweden’s largest department store. It has all the major brands in fashion, beauty, decor, design and more. Prices are budget friendly, so it attracts large crowds. There is even a huge grocery store in the basement!

If you are into mass shopping, get “armed” with comfy shoes and plenty of time, to fully explore this huge store.

Address: Klarabergsgatan 50 – Web:


This is not a shop, but Stockholm’s most exclusive shopping street. It is in Östermalm, which in turn is the most exclusive neighborhood of the city.

Here you’ll find shops of luxury brands such as Mulberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Filippa K, & Other Stories and more. Besides, a bit further down this road, you will also find the famous Nordiska Kompaniet.

The Mall of Scandinavia

Similarly to the well known “Mall of America” in the USA, this is another huge shopping mall. It is a little outside Stockholm, in Solna. In fact, it is the second biggest mall in the Nordic countries. It has a total of 224 shops, from homewares to clothing and more.

All in all, if you have some free time and wish to spend it window shopping, this is the place to go. As well as a big range of shops, here you will also find great eating options and the newest trends. Although it’s outside Stockholm, it takes just 7 minutes by train to reach it.

Address: Stjärntorget 2, Solna – Web:

So, this is my list of the best shopping in Stockholm! Have you been there? What other shops would you add to this list?

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