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The Pie Shop Athens: taste amazing pies from all over the world

The Pie Shop in the heart of Athens is a foodie gem with a twist: in this little shop you will find an amazing variety of pies, all inspired by traditional dishes from around the world, from Indian samosas to French quiches and Argentinian empanadas.

The Pie Shop Athens is a tiny, cute, little shop, tucked away at Voulis street, at number 16. Although small, it’s in fact hard to miss, mostly because, there is usually a queue waiting to taste the freshly-baked pies.

At The Pie Shop you won’t find your usual Greek spanakopita (spinach pie) or tyropita (feta cheese pie). The Pie Shop pies are cosmopolitan ones, made by a French chef, Dominique Perrot and inspired by signature national dishes from all around the world.

The Pie Shop: the place

The Pie Shop is very Instagram-friendly. It is full of cute decorating details. Even though there aren’t many places to sit and eat, it is welcoming and upbeat. In fact, there isn’t much need for a sitting area, as the shop caters mostly to passersby, shoppers, or professionals on a quick lunch break.

The Pie Shop: the pies

The pies offered at The Pie Shop change according to the seasons. Although there are a few signature pies, there are always new additions. When I visited the shop, I really enjoyed the “Spanish” pie, called Hornazo de Salamanca. It is a pied filled with Spanish jamón, pork fillet, and chorizo.

Savoury options

I also liked a lot the Jamaican Beef Patties. These have freshly ground beef, chili peppers, tomato and spices. Another great option is the Korean Tomato Tart. This one is made with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, basil, and spring onions.

There were also tasty Indian samosas, New Zealand chicken pies, tequeños from Peru, Corsican spinach and goat cheese tarts, Chinese spring rolls, Argentinian empanadas, and more.

Of course, you will also find the famous french quiche, a signature pie for the shop.

All pies are made from the best seasonal ingredients. The pastry is homemade, either brisée or French puff.

Sweet options

There are so many sweet pies to choose from! For example, you can try the amazing créme brulée. Another good one is the apple pie with fudge. Or the lemon tart (a house specialty).

Another good choice is the chocolate ganache tart with yummy pistachio.

Finally, my personal favourite is the “bourdalue” tart from France. It has pears, marzipan, and pistachio.

Finally, the Pie Shop serves a variety of gluten-free pies too. It also has good coffee and organic herbal teas. In addition, the take-out packaging is as cute as the rest of the shop.


The Pie Shop, 16, Voulis street, Syntagma square. Telephone: +30 211 403 7328, Facebook: The Pie Shop Athens, Instagram: @thepieshopathens
Opening hours Monday – Friday: 08.30-18.00 & Saturday: 09.00-19.00. Sunday closed.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of The Pie Shop, but all opinions are my own.

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